Services - EV Charging

Installation by Beaumont Electrical, March 2022

Whether we are at home or on the road, Kiwi's are gaining more and more access to excellent home charging technologies and ever-improving public charging infrastructure. Here are several ways to charge your EV or hybrid vehicle.

Regular socket

As long as you have the right charging cable, you can use a regular household power point to charge your EV. The standard output is around 8-10 amps so charging is a slow process (8-12 hours for a full charge). For safety reasons, it is recommended to have both your vehicle and the socket parked/located in the garage.

15 amp socket

If you don't have a garage, then you need an outside power point installed. A 15 amp with weatherproof casing will be required - and this will give you slightly faster EV charging that a regular household socket.

Dedicated EV charger 

Charge faster at higher currents with a dedicated wall-mounted EV charger with most home chargers delivering between 16-40amp. A dedicated wall mounted charging unit makes charging your EV as simple, safe and efficient as possible. In addition, many have "smart" features for greater control over charging including the ability to set your car to charge at off-peak, low cost power time periods. 

Nationwide Charging Network

There are thousands of public electric vehicle charging stations across New Zealand. You can find them in public areas like supermarket car parks, shopping malls, campgrounds, tourist spots and beaches. Most major petrol companies have also installed EV chargers at many of their sites.



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