Mains supply, control panels and switchboards are the “nuts and bolts” of electrical supply into your property - and we have you covered!

And before your property is built? Yep, we do that too by providing a temporary power supply to give an electricity supply for building or construction work.

Regardless of whether residential or commercial, a new build or an upgrade due to age, it is our responsibility to work alongside the approved electrical plans, use the appropriate cabling, sized to cope with the maximum demand (and include an allowance for future demand) and then install quality products to ensure functionality - and your safety!

Services - Mains / Switchboards

Why you need an experienced sparky …

Whilst electrical work all sounds fairly controlled by way of approved electrical plans (which it is), there are many elements that need to be considered - and this is where a proven and experience electrician will have the knowledge to consider such things as:

Control Panel/Switchboard

* Location - in a well ventilated, dry area, with no obstructions

* Usage - in a suitable location to keep the voltage drop to a minimum

* Accessibility - where it is visible and easily to reach in the case of an emergency

* Labelling - for clear identification for future maintenance

* Functionality - secondary boards if there is an interconnecting walkway, a courtyard or a garage

* Additional on-site demand - for specific features not directly connected to the house, such as electric gates or landscape lighting - and of particular importance on rural properties for out-buildings, water pumps, small scale irrigation systems, etc.

Safety Features

* Surge protection -  protection to the electrical system against lightning or a major fault such as a surge from a grid malfunction or an accident

* RCD - residual current device providing further protection which will immediately disconnect the power supply to an electrical appliance or tool when it senses a loss of current

* Earthing - to prevent the risk of an electrical fault causing metal components such as metal sinks/bench tops to become live.


* Costs - keeping cable lengths to a minimum

* Organisation - efficient and structured layout of cables

* Quality materials - ensuring longevity, reliability, and safety

* Training and standards - we are registered Master Electricians offering quality assurance, trusted expertise, workmanship guarantee, and work safety

* Guarantees - we stand by our work (check out our 8 point gold standard guarantee  



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