What Should I Look For When Buying Electrical Products Online?

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What Should I Look For When Buying Electrical Products Online?

There are often some, what appear to be, "amazing" deals when buying electrical products online. Here are five important questions ...

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Winter Hybernation

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Winter Hybernation

Just like many of us, some of our pesky animal friends are also looking for somewhere snug and warm to hide out and nest for the cooler months.Preventing pests from damaging your electrical equipment is not something

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Why You Should Have Your Electrics Checked?

have your electrics checked

Why You Should Have Your Electrics Checked?

Much like a WOF for cars it can be important that you carry out checks on your electrics at regular intervals to check on the condition.

Regardless of whether you have a residential or commercial property these checks will help to identify any faults or defects which could require improvement. It will also ensure that your electrics continue to work in an effective manner.

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When Water and Electricity Mix

water and electricity mix

When Water and Electricity Mix

We wrote about water damage and electrical systems recently, now below is some information that could be good to have filed in the back of your minds should something similar happen in the future.

So, let's have a quick yarn about repairing your electrical system after a flood.

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Water Damage

water damage

What You Might Not Have Thought Of!

Although electrical wiring is insulated, water can still damage your wires to a point where usage will become dangerous due to spark risks. However, the real concern might just be brought in by the water and not the water itself.

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Electrical Myths

Electrical Myths

The Things You Need To Know


Power lines are insulated

Power lines are not insulated so never touch a power line. You may see birds sitting on powerlines, but they don’t get electrocuted because they don’t complete the path to the ground. It's worth remembering that some children love to climb trees and ...

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How to Use Your Extension Cords Safely

ext cords

There is no denying that using an extension cord is highly convenient. However, overloading an extension cord isn’t the only safety hazard you should be concerned about. In fact, as a trusted electrician, we ask you to follow these other extension cord safety rules.

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Excellent Awards

Christian Beaumont, and his team at Beaumont Electrical, were announced as finalist in the ‘Emerging Business’ Category for the Master Electrician Excellence Awards, just a few short weeks ago (Oct22).  

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5 Tips for Putting up your Christmas Lights

xmas lights

Most of us love Christmas time ... and what is Christmas with a load of lights ... and what is a load of lights without the "unforgettable" game of untangling a bin of full of the wiry little monsters!?

Instead of gritting your teeth through this joyful time, follow these five easy tips for hanging your Christmas lights like a pro!

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Understanding your Control Panel

CPS College Gym HVAC Control Panel open

Understanding your Control PanelAre you still scared of that big box in your home? It's time to face your fear - and here's why you should get to know this...

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