Electricity is a familiar and necessary part of everyday life, but electricity can kill or severely injure people and cause damage to property. The major hazards associated with electricity are electrical shock, fire and arc flash.

Got an electrical problem? The most three common electrical issues are switchboard problems caused by overloads or short circuiting; electricity surges or dips; and dead outlets. 

Our troubleshooting and repair service will include gathering and understanding the information, identifying the source of the problem, correcting or repairing the component and verifying the repair. And if you need to go to that next step, as many commercial clients do, then we offer Tag & Test / Certification services too.


Services - Troubleshooting / RepairsTag & Test / Certification

The maintenance and preservation of equipment and systems that supply electricity to a residential, industrial or commercial building is essential for safety. Testing and tagging electrical appliances is one useful way to check electrical equipment is safe by providing a snapshot of how safe the appliance is at the time of testing.

Whilst it is not mandatory in NZ, what is legally required is that equipment is electrically safe and maintained in a safe condition.

How often you test and tag depends on the nature of the equipment and the workplace. For example, electrical equipment used on a construction site - outside and in damp conditions - would need more frequent testing than a computer in an office.

Whether you decide to test and tag or not, it's important to regularly look at cords, plugs and tools to see if they're damaged.



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