Proper lighting can have a significant impact on how you feel in a space, and each space may call for a variety of different lighting requirements. A good lighting setup combines different kinds of lighting to create a welcoming space where you can easily work or relax. 

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The several key steps in the design process are the key. It is paramount that you spend time with your architect or electrician to ensure you cover all the bases to identify the requirements, determine the method of lighting, select the lighting equipment, calculate the lighting parameters (and adjust the design as required), determine the control system and choose the appropriate luminaire.

Architect vs electrician - there is no doubt that architects know all the latest and most modern lighting options along with great design; it is a known fact however, that the cost of equipment and installation is not in their field of expertise.

With a tonne of experience behind us, Beaumont Electrical has seen design that works - and design that doesn't! And it doesn't have to be a new build ... let's do a walk around your property and see what's what; see how we can best adapt what you currently have. We look forward to working with you to complete a suitable design that meets your budget!



Services - Lighting - nstallationInstallation

Looking to have a new light installed to brighten up your home or garden or business - or complete installation on a new build?

Lighting installation is one of our most frequently requested jobs, particularly as we are chosen providers for a number of commercial renovators/builders. With plenty of experience under our belts, you can be assured that installation by Beaumont Electrical will provide timely service, with effective management of materials, to ensure a tidy, efficient and respectful outcome.

And, as with any job, the right equipment should be best practice, and that's what Beaumont Electrical will provide, from go to whoa! By partnering with two of Auckland's best electrical suppliers, this means that whether indoor or outdoor, the wiring and cabling, mains and switchboards, junction boxes, breakers and surge protection, mounting boxes and power points (the list goes on), is sourced, not only to meet your budget (standard or designer) but to meet your timeline (stock is available at our fingertips).



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