A new home is an owner's dream. A modern home is built to last. An old villa looks great. And old farmhouse has character. A new industrial site is the sign of success. A new/upgraded school is the pride of the community.

Regardless of its age, every building needs relevant wiring to make it safe for the occupants and to protect against fires and other electrical hazards.

Services - WiringWiring

Electrical wiring should be one of the top priorities when planning a new build. Have you ever lived in a house where it seemed like the switches and plugs were just thrown around with no thought? How frustrating was day-to-day life when the wiring made no sense?

Everything that is required in the house, and into the future, should have been considered ... not only quantity but placement! Lighting, sockets, underfloor heating, security, automation, outdoor landscaping, extraction/exhaust fans, sensors, heated towel rails - the list goes on.

But ... if you find that you have missed something along the way, it's not to late to incorporate it now. We are flexible and practical with our approach and will help with recommendations, design and budgets aspects - as well as doing the actual job. 

Wiring a new building is an electrician's dream! And what a privilege it is to be part of that build process, helping to build the dream of a family or business!! We look forward to talking with you about your build; just pick up the phone ...



Services - RewiringRewiring

It's a scary thought that your home or commercial building might not be safe - both in respect to safety, but also cost! But are you overthinking it? 

If your building is older than the 1980s, you should consider having an electrical safety inspection done. Sure signs that you should make a move to have this done include:

* Frequent power outages

* Fuses blowing often

* Sockets are heating up during use

* Electrical shocks from sockets or switches

If your building is older than the 1960s, it is recommended to have the wiring inspected - for your health, safety and peace of mind. After all, your home, office, commercial or industrial site is one of the biggest investments you have. It's also worth noting that the current wiring does probably not meet current NZ electrical standards and may not comply with your insurance requirements. 

As daunting as a rewiring job may sound, it can be done without risk and does not have to be a time consuming process. It is also a fantastic opportunity to add additional switches and sockets to meet your modern lifestyle/the demands of modern technology! Give us a call to discuss your building and we will happily provide our feedback; or come out for a site visit to provide an estimate or quote.



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