Building security can be a minefield of options and a bespoke solution is required for every situation. With so many off-the-shelf models available you really do need to think carefully about what your ultimate choice will be so talking to an expert is recommended. 

Did you know that your electrician could also be that expert? That expert, with the additional advantage of having visited your property and eye-balled your specific situation plus knowledge of how, what, where and when the installation can be best achieved!


Services - SecuritySecurity Systems

Firstly, it's worth recognising that security systems doesn't necessarily mean alarms - video doorbells are a popular choice, whilst access controls and security gates are another popular choice.

When it comes to installing the electrical options however, we have the experience. At Beaumont Electrical, our local environment is rural and therefore many of our clients are including security gates, security lighting as well as security alarms. Our residential clients are not averse to having these options installed either! 

Peace of mind whilst you are home, or away from home, is invaluable. Why not give us a call for installation services, or just some advice on where to start with the options available within the market.




Services - CCTVCCTV Systems

Taking security to the next level is to install a closed circuit television (aka video surveillance) these smart thinking systems are idea for home, business or organisation.

Options for CCTV vary so much, just like most other markets, and can range from being as low-key as deterrents (warning signs) and simple standalone systems for single cameras or as high-key as critical evidential footage with multiple recording servers and smart phone access. 

There are rules about how CCTV can be used - click here - so check these out, then when you're ready, talk to the experts for recommendations, then when you're to have a system installed, let us know. 



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